The Matrix: The Endless Cycle

About a week or two ago, I went to an art gallery in Columbia along with a couple of people to help my friend shoot his mini-series. There was a scene that took place in the gallery that had two of the characters on a date and they were trying to decipher the meaning of one of the paintings on the wall. While in the gallery, one piece of art that caught my attention was this shirt on an ironing board. From afar it looked like a perfectly normal shirt, but upon closer inspection, I noticed a phrase stitched into the fabric of the shirt. It was the phrase “NEED TO GO TO WORK, NEED TO MAKE MONEY, HAVE TO GO NOW.”

For some reason, out of all the works in the gallery, this work kept pulling me back in every couple of seconds for another look. While it wasn’t the most aesthetically pleasing piece in the gallery, for me, it spoke the loudest out of most of the artworks there. To me, the shirt and the words stitched into its fabric was a symbol of the modern-day matrix we live in today.

This was a symbol of the endless cycle of Monday-Friday, 9 to 5 that many live in now. We repeat this cycle day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year until we retire…if we are even able to retire. Working at jobs we don’t even like just to make some money for the rest of our lives, this is the endless cycle that most people live in every day.



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